QUIZ: am I ready for sex?

Everyone talks about “being ready” but what does that even mean? Work out how you feel and what you know.

Girl thinking

You know what consent is all about.

You know how alcohol or drugs can affect sex and consent.

You’re cool with carrying condoms.

You’re the legal age to have sex (it changes from state to state in Australia).

You can talk about sex with the person you’d like to have sex with.

I can handle being disappointed, confused, or upset about sex. I can handle my BF/GF feeling the same.

You trust your boyfriend, girlfriend or hookup will respect what you say and want.

It feels like everyone else is having sex except you.

You're going to have sex because your boyfriend or girlfriend keeps bugging you.

You’re happy to get advice and ask questions from people who know more or go online.

You're cool with visiting a doctor for a sexual health checkup and STI testing.

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