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Why is sex a big deal?

Sex is everywhere: in magazines, online, movies and songs.  It might seem like everyone’s doing it and it’s no big deal… so is it? Here’s why we think deciding to have sex IS a big deal – both physically and emotionally.

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How to be good in bed

How to be good in bed

We hear people talk about being good in bed – but what does that mean? Does it mean acting sexy, doing sexual things for the other person, or what?

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What’s sex like? & other FAQs

What is sex, and what’s it really like? Is everyone doing it? What’s the legal age you can have sex? Here’s some answers to common questions.

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Thumb: is affection important?

Is affection important?

Holding hands, kissing, cuddling and touching are a big part of many relationships. What does affection mean? What if it sometimes feels embarrassing or fake?

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Quiz: am I ready for sex?

Everyone talks about “being ready” but what does that even mean? Work out how you feel and what you know.

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thumbnail: is sex better when you're drunk or high?

Is sex better when you’re drunk?

Some people think that being high or drunk makes it easier to be sexual. Some even think it makes sex better. Is that true?

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First time sex

Trying anything for the first time can be a funny mix of nerves, uncertainty and excitement. Sex is no different. You can’t predict what it’ll be like, but you can up the chances it’ll be good by thinking about who, when and how you want it to happen.

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Casual sex, hookups & FWB

When you have sex and there’s nothing romantic going on, it can feel different. What about a one-night stand with someone you already know, just met or met online? Or with a friend?

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Should I sleep with them?

QUIZ: Should I sleep with them?

So you’ve decided you’re ready for sex. Obviously you’re not gonna jump into bed with the next dude/lady/wilderbeast that comes along. How do you decide whether to sleep with that someone special or random hottie?

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Beat the pressure to have sex

Getting pressured for sex?

Sometimes it feels like EVERYONE is having sex or that we’re all meant to do it five times a day! The truth is, we’re all different about if and when to have sex. What if you’re feeling pressured?

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How to talk about sex

You’d like me to WHAT? Talking about sex

How to talk about sex – before, during and after.

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Sex can you handle it?

Sex, can you handle it?

Sex can be an intense and personal experience. It can bring up unpredictable emotions or sometimes just gets awkward. What would you do if someone started crying or shared their deepest, darkest secret? Or what if it was you?

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Unwanted sex and rape

What if I’ve been forced into sex?

It can be a horrible feeling, knowing that someone has forced you into sex. It can make you feel confused, upset and angry.

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Dear Diary: my ideal first time

Imagine you’re about to have sex for the first time. In an ideal world, who’s the lucky guy or girl?  Where will it happen?

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Sexy pics: to send or not to send?

It’s easy for us to send sexy texts or nude photos of ourselves or other people. Is it a good idea? What are the things to consider?

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Should I forward someone else’s sexy pic?

A girlfriend or someone else sends you a sexy pic. Your mates would love to see it. Should you forward it on?

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