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A young woman thinking

Can I get them to change?

“Mostly we get along ok, but when he gets angry he says nasty things about me and pushes me around. I’ve told him I hate him when he acts like that. He apologises, but he keeps on doing it. How can I get him to change?”

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Unwanted sex and rape

What if I’ve been forced into sex?

It can be a horrible feeling, knowing that someone has forced you into sex. It can make you feel confused, upset and angry.

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Th: why call a help line or see a counsellor?

Why call or see a counsellor?

Maybe you’ve talked to friends or family about what’s going on you, and you feel they don’t get it. Or maybe don’t feel like you can talk to them. Sometimes it’s really good to talk with someone outside the situation.

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support services you can call

Services that can help

There are all kinds of services out there that listen to you and give you support, ideas and information on what you could do.

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