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Dear Diary: weighing it up

You’re in a relationship and things don’t seem good. Is it worth staying? Fill this out to help you decide.

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Thumb: is my relationship past its useby date?

Relationship past its use-by date?

Relationships don’t always last forever. In fact, most people only have a few long term relationships in their life time. Are you and your BF/GF on the road to Splitsville?

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How to break up

Nobody likes breaking up – whether you’re the dumper or the person who is being dumped. But there’s no point staying in a relationship if one of you isn’t happy.

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It's over

Will they hurt me if I leave?

If your ex has been violent or unpredictable before, are you worried about telling them it’s over? (You should be.)

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After the breakup: how u doing?

The end of a relationship can mean intense heartache. Sometimes it feels like the sadness, disappointment or anger is overwhelming. Are you or your ex acting weird or scary?

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Germaine from Flight of the Conchords calling an ex-girlfriend

My ex won’t accept it’s over

You’ve taken the leap and broken up with someone who wasn’t treating you right. But your ex isn’t getting the message that it’s over. What can you do?

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You & your ex: friends?

Different people have different ideas. Does time heal everything? Tips to decide if and how to be friends later.

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Am I stupid for staying?

You know you’re not being treated right, but you don’t want to leave. Is that stupid or weak?

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