QUIZ: good, bad or ugly?

Rate your relationship with this quiz. Are you the perfect match or are there signs of trouble?
Speech bubbles

When we’re together, we laugh and have fun.
They like me for who I am.
I wish we didn’t see so much of each other.
When we go out, we decide together what we’re doing.
We spend our spare time together.
I have to watch what I do or say around them.
I can see my friends or family whenever I want.
When we’re hanging out, I wish I was somewhere else.
I worry that my BF/GF is cheating on me.
I wish my BF/GF was different.
They get jealous of who I hang out with.
I feel ok about saying ‘no’ to things I don’t want to do.
They ignore me when their mates are around.
They listen to me and care about my opinions.
We have the same fights over and over again.
When we’re together, I feel like I can be myself.
I hate it when my BF/GF talks to other guys/girls.
They snoop and read my texts or messages.
My BF/GF makes me feel scared of them.
With sex and affection, I can say what I like and don’t like.
My BF/GF likes introducing me to his/her friends.
I’m worried about what my BF/GF might do if I tried to leave them.
I feel overwhelmed by what they want.
I feel stuck in this relationship.
My BF/GF pressures or guilt-trips me into sex.


happy faceIf you got lots of happy faces, then your relationship sounds mostly happy. See 10 tips to make it last.

sad faceIf you got any sad faces, it sounds like there are signs of trouble. See Is it love or control?

very sad face If you got double sad faces, it’s a sign there are real problems in your relationship. There may be abuse. It seems like you’re not being treated right.

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8 Responses to “QUIZ: good, bad or ugly?”

  1. I think there’s a mistake in the quiz. I got a sad face for ‘spending spare time together’.

  2. some times i feel stuck kother i am scared of him when he is druck

  3. I’m actually married with a little girl. My husband and I have been married for almost a year and he still brings up my past boyfriends when we get into fights and if I dont clean up the house when HE wants me to he calls me disgusting and dirty. I’ll admit that I dont get to do all of my cleaning in one day but when the house is clean he says nothing but as soon as he finds something on the floor he curses me out. Oh also when he calls, I HAVE to pick up the phone or he’ll break it and i’ll get yelled at. Whenever I leave the house I have to tell him where im going and if he isnt home I have to let him know i’ve left the house. I’m sorry about this really long paragraph, I really needed to get this off my chest.

  4. Honestly i think the quiz is right , spending tooo much ” spare ” time together might not be good , every relationship needs some type of space.

  5. that was jsut an amazing quiz there

  6. my bf went out last night till like 5 am to drink with his frends and now he is saying is doesnt trust me to go and drink with my friends

  7. Hey guys, I need to know something, and truth please. I barely see my girlfriend. I don’t see her for weeks on end. The longest that I haven’t seen her was for 6 weeks. It killed us both. This is going to continue to happen if I don’t do anything. I travel to places at night with my bike. But she lives an odd 40km or so away from me. I’ll try to take a bus to her place to see her, but I need to be home by 5 so I won’t get caught. If there is possibly another way of getting around to see her, without my parents knowing that is, please comment. I’m really desperate. I think she might break up with me, but she says she will love me forever, and she will never leave me, that is until I leave her. She tells me it hurts her aswell when we don’t see each other for a long time. I love her, and I’m willing to do anything. Please help.

  8. Rissa, I hope getting that off your chest helped. He’s SO controlling. I know it’s so hard to see when it’s you so just the fact that you were able to recognize those things and get it off your chest on here is remarkable. I don’t know if you’re staying with him or what because I know you have a child and are married which must make it unbearable to think about leaving him but I would understand if you did. I just left my boyfriend. It’s heartbreaking yet liberating. I think a counselor is going to help… I hope. I really hope the best for you.