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Thumbnail: a couple holding hands tightly

QUIZ: is it love or control?

They say they care, and you know they do, but sometimes it feels too much. Are their actions caring…. or controlling?

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Too much, too soon?

Too much too soon?

He buys me flowers and presents, and says he wants to be with me forever. We’ve only been together for a month. It’s amazing that he’s so into me – but something about it makes me feel nervous. Why?

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Thumbnail: is jealousy a sign of love?

Is jealousy a sign of love?

We all feel a little jealous at times. When is it ok and when is getting out of hand?

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Blurry hearts in the light

Am I blinded by love?

Love is blind, so the saying goes. Are you so hooked on the idea of love that you’re ignoring the reality?

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Is it ok to snoop?

Checking their mobile, reading their emails, logging into their Facebook, flicking through their diary… What effect does snooping have on a relationship? Is it curiosity or control?

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Picture of a couple on a social networking webpage

Website snooping

Got a boyfriend, girlfriend or ex who’s trying to track what sites you visit? You have a right to keep your private web use… private!

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Pressure to send sexy pics or texts

Pressure to send sexy pics, texts or videos is common in relationships. What if you’re pressured to send pics to your boyfriend or girlfriend?

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I Hate U - creepy behaviour online

Being harassed online?

Is someone using the web to harass you or to spread nasty rumours about you?

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mobile madness or harassment

Checking up? Constant calls or texts

Your phone can be your best friend, but when your boyfriend, girlfriend or someone else sends you a million texts or calls constantly to check what you’re up to, it can become a nightmare.

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Thumb: dying for you?

Dying for you?

Someone tells you, ‘If you leave, I’ll kill myself’?  Is this a sign of passionate love – or are they trying to control your choices?

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Thumb: A guy looking through a window

I’ll be watching you: stalking

Someone who stalks a BF or GF (or an ex) is usually possessive and controlling. Stalking includes following someone around or leaving messages on their phone or online, and deliberately trying to make them feel scared.

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