10 tips to get a date

If there’s a special someone you’re into, how do you get them to fall for you?
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1. Be yourself

Don’t put on an act – you want them to fall for the real you, not the ‘fake’ you. If they’re not into you for who you really are, then the relationship won’t work.

2. Be confident

Being confident can be tricky – for some people, it looks easy and for others, it’s the hardest thing in the world.

Part of confidence is liking yourself and knowing that you’re an interesting person to be around. The writing exercise Dear Diary: feeling good about myself can help you remember what’s good about you.

Remember that no one is confident all the time, no matter what it looks like. Sometimes, you just have to fake it – to be brave and take the first step, like talking to someone you like or  asking them out.

If you’re nervous about talking to them, prepare by reminding yourself about your good qualities or listening to music that gets you in a good mood.

3. Show your interest

If you’re hoping to get that special someone’s attention, you have to show them you’re interested. Don’t think that playing hard to get by ignoring them and acting like you’re not interested will get their attention. Be friendly, listen when they talk to you and let them know you want to get to know them more. If you’re nervous around them, try to focus your attention on the conversation rather than on your feelings.

4. Find out what they like

A good way to open the conversation is to talk about something that he or she is interested in. Find out more about what they’re into – for example, what music do they like? What sport are they into? What do they usually do on weekends? People love to talk about their favorite things.  You can tell them about what you like too.

5. Feel and look your best

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Feeling happy and confident in what you are wearing to makes you attractive. Be yourself - you’ll be most confident when you wear something you like. Don’t dress just to impress - dress to feel good about yourself and express who you are.

6. Be independent

You don’t have to go along with the crowd. Be yourself, and say what you honestly think. If you pretend to agree with others just because you want to fit in, then they won’t get to know the real you. Don’t be afraid to be different – it’s interesting!

7. Get to know their friends

Getting to know their friends helps you to get to know more about them.

8. Make a move

If you’re getting a good vibe from them, don’t sit back and wait for them to make the first move. A lot of girls feel like they’re supposed to wait for a guy to ask them out. But this isn’t true – it’s fine for a girl to make the first move.

Say hi and start talking to them, and then ask if they want to see a movie, a band, a party, or just hang out.

9. Don’t act jealous

Acting  jealous of their other friends or ex-boyfriend/girlfriends is not a good way to go. Accept that they can be friends with whoever they like. Be cool, and be open to all their friends, male or female.

10. Read their signs

If you’re not getting any positive vibes from them, then let it go. Signs that they’re not interested could be if they often drift off from the conversation or if they don’t listen to you, if they rarely ask you anything about yourself, if they ignore you or if they show more interest in talking to other people.

If they’re not really into you, that’s their loss. Time to move on to find someone who is! See how to take rejection.

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2 Responses to “10 tips to get a date”

  1. These tips very nice . Once you know a bit about her you can ask her on a date you know she’ll find attractive. Choose your moment, if it’s at work and she’s under pressure it may not be a good time although sometimes you can turn it to your advantage “it’s really tough here at the moment, fancy getting your mind off work for a few hours and coming to such and such with me, tonight, this weekend”. Try and gauge the situation and don’t ask her out when anyone else is present it may make the situation uncomfortable. If she feels comfortable around you you’re halfway there. Be funny and make sure to laugh. Wear nice clothes and dress cute. Also make lots of eye contact and be VERY flirty. Plus, talk about stuff you like and try your best to know him better. Follow these tips, and your first date will be fun. Also, the first date isn’t a good time to get a kiss.

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