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We need to talk

Talking with your girlfriend or boyfriend about stuff that happens is important… but not always easy.

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What if we fight a lot?

Fights are a normal part of any relationship. At some point you’re going to disagree on something! The question is: How do you fight?

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A couple not talking, looking distant

Should I speak up?

Speaking up about things you don’t like lets the other person know that you expect respect.

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How to talk about sex

You’d like me to WHAT? Talking about sex

How to talk about sex – before, during and after.

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How to break up

Nobody likes breaking up – whether you’re the dumper or the person who is being dumped. But there’s no point staying in a relationship if one of you isn’t happy.

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How to ask someone on a date

How to ask someone out

There is no reason why girls can’t ask someone out on a date. Guys, in face, are usually pretty awkward and shy, and if you sit around waiting for them it may never happen.

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What might help: one friend supporting another

How do I tell someone?

Think about it: would you want your friend to tell you? Duh, of course you would! Push aside your worries about people not believing you or not wanting to hear it. Tell someone you trust that you’re not being treated right.

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