Relationship past its use-by date?

Relationships don’t always last forever. In fact, most people only have a few long term relationships in their life time. Are you and your BF/GF on the road to Splitsville?

What are the signs that it’s not working?

A girl thinking about her relationship

  • You have nothing to talk about when you’re alone together.
  • You don’t have much in common.
  • If you have a fight, it takes days to make up.
  • Any fight you have drags up old built-up resentments from earlier arguments.
  • You find yourself constantly thinking about how annoying, boring or ugly they are.
  • If you spent a month apart, you wouldn’t miss them at all.
  • You regularly fantasise about someone else.
  • If you’re out together at a party, you spend most of your time with friends or other people.
  • You don’t spend much time together.
  • Your rights aren’t being respected.
  • You’ve stopped caring about how the other person feels or what they think.
  • You feel like you can’t be yourself around them (take the QUIZ: Is it love or control?).
  • You sometimes feel afraid of your BF/GF (See What is abuse? ).

If any of these sound familiar, it sounds like your relationship is past its use-by date. You either need to have a serious conversation with your boyfriend or girlfriendr to get your relationship back on track or call it quits so you can both move on.

It’s so weird and so amazing, but despite my terrible infidelity— twice with the same person — he still loves me; he’s still in love with me, and wants to continue the relationship. I have explained to him, however, that we have to break up; it’s not fair on him if i keep going out with him, because i am hurting him too much, and if it should happen a third time it would be catastrophic.

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Ask yourself

  • Do I love the idea of having a BF/GF more than I love my actual BF/GF?
  • Am I just staying in this relationship because I’m worried about breaking up?
  • Am I sick of trying to make it work?

Staying in unhappy relationship can drag you down.

Try our QUIZ: Weighing it up to help you decide to stay together or break up.

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