How do I feel?

One of the first signs that something isn’t right is how you feel. If you’re being treated badly, you feel anxious and confused a lot of the time.

A girl thinking about her feelings

I feel…

  • like I have to watch what I do and say
  • guilty because if the other person is angry I feel like it‘s all my fault
  • scared of what might happen
  • confused about what’s going on and what to do about it
  • under pressure
  • angry at being treated like this
  • tense and nervous all the time
  • embarrassed and ashamed
  • bad about myself
  • trapped in the relationship.


  • losing touch with who I am and what’s important to me
  • not eating or sleeping properly
  • feeling sick or getting headaches
  • drinking too much or using drugs to block it out
  • losing contact with my friends or family
  • feeling depressed and having no energy
  • missing classes or work
  • not doing so well at school or work
  • feeling like I can’t trust people
  • losing confidence in myself
  • feeling alone and afraid to tell anyone
  • other __________________

If you’ve feel any of these things, don’t ignore it.

No one has the right to make you feel bad.

Over time, being abused can destroy your confidence and your sense of self.

The more I stayed with him the more it destroyed my self esteem. I  convinced myself that I was useless, I was dumb, I was a bitch, whatever he had been calling me. With that sort of brainwashing I became very dependent on him, thinking that there’s no way I would survive without him. I thought that only he would take me because I am such a horrible person.

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2 Responses to “How do I feel?”

  1. my boyfriend cheats on me he treats me like other girls are better then me more beauttiful then me he wants to force me to eat a girl out just for his fantasy i dont want to he makes me tell people were not going out so he can have other girlss hetreats me like im his made he takes advantage of everything and almost never respcts what i say or want or think he makes me feel like im nothing im not special or beautiful and non matter what im always scared that hes ganna leave me again cuz its obvious he doesnt care about me

  2. Jamie -you need to get out of that relationship as soon as you can. You should feel like the most beautiful girl in the room when you’re with someone -not second rate, and not like you’re his maid. Leave HIM.