Do something

Your school, TAFE, uni or workplace are all places to get talking about the “good, bad and ugly” of relationships. It could be something simple like putting up posters or something bigger like people coming to talk about relationships.

At school

Take action
Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Write a story for your school magazine or suggest the topic of relationships to the editor.
  • Organise a school forum on relationships and dating. You could get people to come and speak and then talk about it in groups. If you’re in Victoria, Australia, contact Partners In Prevention for ideas and potential speakers.
  • Work with your art teacher, media or art students to create a visual statement about respectful relationships. It could be a poster, a banner, a music video, a short film or a community service ad.
  • That’s Not Cool website has callout cards to send on your phone or Facebook.
  • Ask your school to get the¬† “No Means No” show to come to your school.
  • Download posters to hang up at school. They’re from American organisations but are great at making you think. Maybe put a sticker over the American contact information and add local info that you think might be helpful – like this website’s address, or website or a phone number from our list of services that can help.

At TAFE, college or uni

  • Check if your student union or association has information about relationships available.


Here are some ways you could help

  • Call a local Domestic Violence organisation and try to speak to the volunteer coordinator or refuge manager. Find out what sort of donations they need: clothes, household goods, toys, books, or other items.
  • Organise a fundraiser to collect¬† donations.

If you’re in Melbourne, you could volunteer at WIRE: Women’s Information.

Spread the word online

The internet is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to spread awareness of abuse in relationships.

If you’re hanging in any message boards or forums, refer other posters to this website if you think they need help with abuse in their relationships.

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