Should I forward someone else’s sexy pic?

A girlfriend or someone else sends you a sexy pic. Your mates would love to see it. Should you forward it on?

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My girlfriend is very flirty and she’s sent me some topless pics of her. They’re very sexy pics and my friends would love to see them. She’s pretty open so I don’t think she’d care if I sent them on.

Don’t forward

Sexy pics are private – don’t send them to ANYONE else unless the person in the photo actually tells you to.

Don’t just assume that they wouldn’t mind you sending their pics to other people.

Think about how they might feel if other people see the photos. It could be really embarrassing for them. And you don’t know what other people will do with the pic, or where it could go next.

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So, don’t send the picture on. It’s not your photo.

Let them know

Think about telling the person who’s in the photo. Talk to them when they’re alone.

That way, they can decide to find out and follow up on the person that’s sending round their photo.

Support them

You could also support them by telling the person who forwarded it on that it’s not ok unless the person in the photo agreed to it.

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