Sexy pics: to send or not to send?

It’s easy for us to send sexy texts or nude photos of ourselves or other people. Is it a good idea? What are the things to consider?

Me and my boyfriend send them to each other – it’s funny and sexy. But i make sure it’s only a pic of my body not my face so if it ever gets sent anywhere else, i can say it’s not me!

It was fun at the time but now I worry what’s going 2 happen with the pixs of me…

I think it’s okay if it’s a person you trust 100% and that you have known for a long time.

A sexy pic sent by mobile phone

Now i really regret it, he showed the pic to most of my class and my mum found out too. It was a year ago and i still don’t know if people are sending it around.

I’m not planning to ever send one – I’d just feel completely uncomfortable ever looking the person I sent the messages to in the eye ever again!!

I once sent a nude pic of myself to this girl I liked. She never replied or mentioned it again and it was kind of embarrassing, maybe she didn’t like it.

Things to consider if you’re thinking of sending one:

Could sending a pic be something you really regret later?? Be careful:

  • A picture lasts forever. Once you’ve sent something, you can’t get it back. It can be kept for a long time, or be copied or changed. Think about how it could affect you in the future.
  • You can’t always control where it goes: Once the picture or text has been sent, it can easily be forwarded on to other people, or even posted online, without you knowing.
  • Are they comfortable with it? The person you send the picture to might not feel comfortable receiving it.  This sort of communication isn’t always welcome and can be  embarrassing for the person sending the message as well as the one receiving it. You might think what you have sent is ‘sexy’, however the person receiving it may feel it is abusive and/or pornographic.
  • It could be illegal: Taking, sending or receiving sexual images of a minor (somene under 18) is illegal. If you’re found to have a naked or semi-naked photo of someone under 18 on your phone or your computer, you can be charged with a criminal offence (even if the photo is of you and you agreed to it!).
  • It’s not ok to forward on an image of someone else if they don’t know about it or don’t agree to it. It can be humiliating for the person.

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