Scary Date Alert

You’re dating someone and it’s early days. What are the warning signs that this person is someone you should watch out for?

Watch out for someone who

a bug closeup

  • makes you feel guilty if you can’t see them
  • acts different around their friends
  • doesn’t seem to care about other people’s feelings
  • puts you down, spreads rumours about you, or is rude to you
  • sends around private photos of you or other people
  • makes you or other people feel nervous or scared
  • always blames someone else (0r you) if things go wrong
  • calls you ‘uptight’ if you don’t want to have sex
  • doesn’t respect your privacy ( reads your texts, emails or diary)
  • always talks about himself/herself and doesn’t listen to you
  • gets aggressive if they don’t get their own way, or
  • does what they want, no matter what you or others want.

Someone who acts like this isn’t showing you or other people respect.

In fact, they might be the kind of person who could become abusive  in a relationship later on.

Ok, maybe I’m dating someone like that. What now?

  • Listen to your feelings. If you feel upset, scared or confused by someone’s behaviour, then this is a warning sign that he or she is not treating you with respect.
  • Don’t ignore or gloss over the bad things. Sometimes a crush or being in love can blind you to the warning signs that someone’s treating you badly.
  • Give yourself time to think about what you want, and what’s right for you, before getting more involved in a relationship with this person.

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