How to ask someone out

There is no reason why girls can’t ask someone out on a date. Guys, in face, are usually pretty awkward and shy, and if you sit around waiting for them it may never happen.

Asking someone out

In some classes he will try to get my attention and talk to me and sit next to me, and sometimes (most of the time) it’s like he’s ignoring me and doesn’t even care. He is always hanging out with other girls and flirting with them. My friend who is even closer friends with him says that she reckons he likes me but i doubt it.

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Best to ask face to face if you can. Find the person when they’re alone and say something along the lines of  ‘Would you like to go out some time?’ That way they can let you know if they’re interested or not. Always have something in mind in case they say, ‘Sure. What and when?’

If you don’t know them very well, see if you can get their phone number and ring. But don’t send an email or other message unless you’re sure it would be kept private.

Don’t ask them in front of friends of either of you.

When someone asks you out

  • Only say yes unless you really want to. Otherwise you’re just giving false hope.
  • Don’t rush giggling to tell your friends in front of the person.
  • If you’re sent a text or email keep it private.
  • Only ever say no in a genuinely nice way. If you can’t go to a specific event but you’re interested in the person, make that clear, “I can’t go because I have a family thing but maybe another time?”


Nearly everybody gets rejected at some point in their life, no matter how smart, gorgeous or popular they are. There are ways to handle rejection and ways to reject someone without leaving their dignity in shreds.

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This information was taken from the book ‘Girl Stuff: Your Full On Guide to the Teen Years’ by Kaz Cooke, published by Penguin Australia, and used by permission.

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