Pressure to send sexy pics or texts

Pressure to send sexy pics, texts or videos is common in relationships. What if you’re pressured to send pics to your boyfriend or girlfriend?

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Pressure to send sexy pics, texts or videos is common in relationships.

What if I feel pressured to send a pic of myself?

My Bf sometimes tries to get a photo of me when I’m naked, and keeps asking me to send him a sexy photo of myself. I don’t like the idea that he will always have the pic and he could show it to someone else. He’s constantly on at me about it, says all his mates’ girlfriends send them. He makes me feel like I’m just being uptight.

It’s hard to deal with this kind of pressure – particularly if he makes you feel like everyone else is doing it!

But if you’re uncomfortable with it, that’s ok. Your feelings about this are important, and he should respect that you’re not ok with it. Once a photo is sent, it isn’t in your control.

Firmly saying:

No – I don’t feel comfortable with that.

is ok. You’re not being uptight.

He should listen to you and respect how you feel. If he keeps hassling you, then that’s not a good sign – does he really care about you? Talk to someone you trust about it.

Talk to your parents, another adult that you trust or a counsellor.

I’ve sent it – is it too late?

It was fun at the time but now I worry what’s going 2 happen with the pixs of me…

If you have sent an image, video or text and are worried about what might happen now, you could:

  • Ask the person you sent it to to delete the message from their phone or inbox. Explain to them that you’re worried about it and you want them to delete it.
  • If you feel like it’s now out of your control, talk to a trusted adult or contact a counsellor to work out what you can do.
  • If the person who you sent the pic to refuses to delete it, you could get an adult to talk to them and ask them to delete it – they might be more likely to

What if I feel uncomfortable receiving sexy messages?

This guy I know has been sending me flirty messages. It was cute at first but now he’s sent me a pic of him without his top on and said he’d like to show me more! It feels weird and I don’t like it.

If you feel like someone’s crossing the line and sending pictures or messages that you don’t like or want, you could:

  • Tell them you don’t want any more texts like that. It can be a bit awkward to say it, but if you can, speak up. You could say ‘Please don’t send me any more pictures like that’
  • If the texts keep coming, then block that sender. Unfriend them from your social networking account. Block their number on your phone
  • You might need to change your mobile number. If you do, make sure that only friends you trust get your new number

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2 Responses to “Pressure to send sexy pics or texts”

  1. When you are about to send that sexy text message, you stop for only a second to think if this is a good idea then the thought passes and you press send. What harm could really come from sending one picture?! As soon as you send your picture to anyone it is out of your hands. Feeling pressured to send a picture of yourself to anyone is always hard. However, feeling uncomfortable doing anything is not okay. You should never feel pressured to reveal or do anything you don’t want to do. Always remember that God will provide a way out of every situation!

  2. Don’t send sexy pics if you split up with the person they can post them on Facebook or eBay and deliberately humiliate you – it might even show up on a job search. It’s not prudish to say no. I had a really good body at 18 and got asked by men for pics now I’m glad I didn’t cos one of the men was not nearly as nice as I thought he was.