Samantha’s story

My friend had an abusive boyfriend. She and I had been friends for four years so I could tell when something was bothering her.

One day in particular stands out in my mind – this had happened before, but I just never noticed it. We were at her house working on a class project. He came over and demanded to know why I was at her house. I heard him tell her to tell me to leave and to say that she had to go somewhere.

When she came back upstairs I turned up the radio so she didn’t know I had heard. She said that he mother had called and made a dentist appointment and she just remembered about it and she had to leave.

This happened about four more times before I said anything.

But when I did all hell broke loose between her boyfriend and I. We got into a huge argument and he tried to hit me like he did her.

Afterwards, when she and I spoke about it, at first she told me that it only had happened that once. But that’s when I had to tell her I had overheard him a few times when he yelled at her and hit her about me being at her house. I told her he has no right to hit her – if he really loved her he wouldn’t hit her. I also kept telling her it wasn’t her fault.

Eventually she broke up with him and she has moved on. She had a tough time, but she finally realised that the two of them were not good together and she had to leave him before he killed her.

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