Checking up? Constant calls or texts


Your phone can be your best friend, but when your boyfriend, girlfriend or someone else sends you a million texts or calls constantly to check what you’re up to, it can become a nightmare.

Does your boyfriend, girlfriend or someone else…

Mobile madness or harassment

Constant calls

He calls me every night. At first it seemed sweet but now it’s at the point where he’s texting me constantly asking what I’m doing. He made me have a special ring tone for him and if I don’t answer he gets angry and accuses me of flirting or hiding things from him.

When someone you’re with constantly calls or texts to find out where you are, what you’re doing and who you’re talking to, that’s not ‘caring’.

It’s controlling and it’s a warning sign of abuse.

You’ve got a right to live your life without being constantly interrupted or feeling like you have to explain yourself all the time.

If their calling and texting feels like too much, then listen to your feelings.

Can you tell them how you feel and ask them to stop calling or texting so much?

Someone who loves and respects you should listen and back off. But if they don’t listen and keep hassling you, it could be a sign of abuse.

1 in 4 young people in a relationship say they have been called names, harassed or put down by their partner through mobile phones and texting.

Threatening texts or abusive voice messages

  • Save the messages because they could be used as evidence.
  • If it feels safe, send a message telling them to stop texting or calling.
  • Tell your parents, a school teacher or a trusted adult.
  • Then tell your mobile phone company (eg Telstra, Optus, Three, Vodafone) – they have systems in place to deal with mobile phone harassment.
  • If the texts are threatening or abusive, tell the police too.

Snoops on your phone or your phone bill

Snooping is not about trust or love – it’s a warning sign that you’re not being treated right.

Delete old sms text messages that you’ve sent or received if you’re worried about that person finding them.

If you think someone is checking what numbers you ring on your mobile or home phone bill and you can’t get them to stop, use a prepaid mobile phone card so that you won’t get numbers listed on your bill. You can buy them at newsagencies for $5 onwards to make local, mobile and international calls.

Sends you unwanted sexy pics

I think it’s okay if it’s a person you trust 100% and that you have known for a long time.

Now i really regret it, he showed the pic to most of my class and my mum found out too. It was a year ago and i still don’t know if people are sending it or looking at it.

If you get a sexy pic from someone you know and you’re not into it, let them know. Delete it from your phone.

If it’s a pic of someone else, like a friend or classmate, don’t forward it on and delete it.

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One Response to “Checking up? Constant calls or texts”

  1. i know how that feels. i have told people and it goes away but if some people find out like they did with me you will never live it down no matter how hard you try. it may not even be your fault. it may have been an accident but it cant be forgotten. the ‘friends’ may bring it up as a ‘joke’ and if they bring it up often they arent your friends. when stuff like this happens it is just good to get it out in the open and get it over with it really helps to tell people. =] thanx 4 readin this people take it on and if anything happens to you tell people you trust. =]