Archive | August, 2010
looking at a phone

Should I forward someone else’s sexy pic?

A girlfriend or someone else sends you a sexy pic. Your mates would love to see it. Should you forward it on?

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Am I stupid for staying?

You know you’re not being treated right, but you don’t want to leave. Is that stupid or weak?

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Ugly furry toy

QUIZ: Is my behaviour ugly?

Are you worried about how you have treated your girlfriend, boyfriend, or others? Are there signs that you are trying to control or hurt someone you love? The first step to change is understanding your actions. Work out if you have been abusive towards a girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, a friend, or someone else. Have you [...]

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Cyrus’ story

I met this woman at uni. At first it was blissfull. Soon she started getting very upset with my clothes. As the relationship wore on we decided to get engaged.

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