Archive | February, 2010

Amy’s story

“I went and stayed with my family and they helped me and are still helping me through it all. This is the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with in my entire life.”

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Fiona’s story

“I really needed a lot of help to rebuild my self esteem. I was scared to walk down the street and unable to interact normally with people. I was scared, silent and very very anxious.”

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Rose’s story

“I almost broke up with him several times, but he would cry and promise to change, and I would give him “one more chance.” He often blamed his mood swings and anger on hypoglycemia.”

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Sara’s story

“Friends, family, and police officers helped me to become stronger.They made me realise that my child and I weren’t missing out on anything, that actually we gained more.”

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Jacq’s story

“That day I called my mum and then I left him, I was so ashamed. My reason for not telling before was so that no one would be angry with him.”

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I’ll be watching you: stalking

Someone who stalks a BF or GF (or an ex) is usually possessive and controlling. Stalking includes following someone around or leaving messages on their phone or online, and deliberately trying to make them feel scared.

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