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Thumb: is my relationship past its useby date?

Relationship past its use-by date?

Relationships don’t always last forever. In fact, most people only have a few long term relationships in their life time. Are you and your BF/GF on the road to Splitsville?

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meeting online

Meeting people online

Sometimes it’s easier to meet people online. But trust your gut – things aren’t always what they seem.

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Is it bad to be single?

Is it bad to be single?

Sometimes it feels like there are couples everywhere, and that there’s pressure to be in a relationship.

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How to break up

Nobody likes breaking up – whether you’re the dumper or the person who is being dumped. But there’s no point staying in a relationship if one of you isn’t happy.

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Thumbnail: I like them, now what?

10 tips to get a date

If there’s a special someone you’re into, how do you get them to fall for you?

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How to ask someone on a date

How to ask someone out

There is no reason why girls can’t ask someone out on a date. Guys, in face, are usually pretty awkward and shy, and if you sit around waiting for them it may never happen.

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How to handle rejection

Rejection – how to do it right

You can be rejected and keep your dignity (at least until you get home). Or if you’re doing the rejecting, learn how to do it right!

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Scary date alert

Scary Date Alert

You’re dating someone and it’s early days. What are the warning signs that this person is someone you should watch out for?

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An old man from a 19th black and white century photograph

Dating someone older?

You’re getting a strong vibe that he’s really into you. But he’s older than you. Does the age difference matter?

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Stencil of couples

Love rights – the bottom lines

Your love rights are kind of like your human rights – they’re the things you should expect from a relationship.

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Thumbnail: is jealousy a sign of love?

Is jealousy a sign of love?

We all feel a little jealous at times. When is it ok and when is getting out of hand?

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What might help: one friend supporting another

How do I tell someone?

Think about it: would you want your friend to tell you? Duh, of course you would! Push aside your worries about people not believing you or not wanting to hear it. Tell someone you trust that you’re not being treated right.

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Blurry hearts in the light

Am I blinded by love?

Love is blind, so the saying goes. Are you so hooked on the idea of love that you’re ignoring the reality?

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Th: why call a help line or see a counsellor?

Why call or see a counsellor?

Maybe you’ve talked to friends or family about what’s going on you, and you feel they don’t get it. Or maybe don’t feel like you can talk to them. Sometimes it’s really good to talk with someone outside the situation.

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support services you can call

Services that can help

There are all kinds of services out there that listen to you and give you support, ideas and information on what you could do.

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