Archive | August, 2009
How to talk about sex

You’d like me to WHAT? Talking about sex

How to talk about sex – before, during and after.

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Artwork with yes no maybe

Dear Diary: weighing it up

You’re in a relationship and things don’t seem good. Is it worth staying? Fill this out to help you decide.

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Sex can you handle it?

Sex, can you handle it?

Sex can be an intense and personal experience. It can bring up unpredictable emotions or sometimes just gets awkward. What would you do if someone started crying or shared their deepest, darkest secret? Or what if it was you?

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Ugly furry toy

QUIZ: Is my behaviour ugly?

Are you worried about how you have treated your girlfriend, boyfriend, or others? Are there signs that you are trying to control or hurt someone you love? The first step to change is understanding your actions. Work out if you have been abusive towards a girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, a friend, or someone else. Have you [...]

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Unwanted sex and rape

What if I’ve been forced into sex?

It can be a horrible feeling, knowing that someone has forced you into sex. It can make you feel confused, upset and angry.

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