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QUIZ: good, bad or ugly?

Rate your relationship with this quiz. Are you the perfect match or are there signs of trouble?

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The good, the bad and the ugly

Get the lowdown on the good, the bad and the ugly sides of relationships.

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What is love?

Breaking down the hype about L-O-V-E. Is there only one kind of love? Is love different for different people? Is love everything?

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In love? What not to do

Love can be a pretty overwhelming experience. We all go a bit crazy sometimes but there are some things you should never do.

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Find the ‘i’ in relationship

A good relationship starts with you. How do you have a relationship without losing yourself ?

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We need to talk

Talking with your girlfriend or boyfriend about stuff that happens is important… but not always easy.

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What if we fight a lot?

Fights are a normal part of any relationship. At some point you’re going to disagree on something! The question is: How do you fight?

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What if I’m gay or lesbian or ?

For girls who like girls, boys who like boys and people who like people.

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10 tips to make it last

How to keep your relationship happy and kicking along when you’ve been going out for a while.

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Culture clash or culture match?

Someone’s background shouldn’t be a big deal. But there can be culture clashes and The Parents.

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